Grace (Kieu Trang) Tran is a Criminology and Sociolegal Studies doctoral student at the University of Toronto.  Inspired by her parents' experiences as 'boatpeople' refugees from Vietnam, her research interests lie in the intersections between law, immigration, refugee and citizenship, and spousal sponsorship issues. Her dissertation looks at the legal and informal regulation of marriage migration in Canada and the United States, which she situates in the larger literature of diaspora, governmentality, immigration, and citizenship studies.

Grace holds a Master's in Criminology and Sociolegal Studies, as well as an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English Literature Studies and Criminology.  In 2014, she was awarded the University of Toronto Excellence Award, and in 2017, she was a recipient of the Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

Grace is what Albert Einstein would call "passionately curious" about all things related to current affairs, (im)migration, and social justice.
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